Travel information

Below you will find some of a practical travel information for visiting Upper Silesia. Might there be anything else that you need to know – just write and ask!

How to get here?

If you plan to visit Upper Silesia, it may be convenient to choose its capital – Katowice as a first stop of your itinerary.
The city is a perfect starting point for exploring the area and it is located in a direct proximity of the international airport Katowice-Pyrzowice as well as of the Kraków-Balice airport.

Where to stay?

Silesian voivoidship has a varied and complex range of hotel services. Our team will help you to find something suitable for your budget.

Maps and guidebooks

There are not many guidebooks available for the area of Silesian voivoidship. The one worth recommanding surely is the “Śląskie. Przewodnik Pozytywny” guidebook available online here, unfortunatelly only in Polish.

For English speakers who would like to learn more handy source of information can be official Industrial Monuments Route’s webpage available here.


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