Mountain & Outdoor

In need of outdoor activities? Our team can organize different ways of enjoying fresh air for you. We recommand long walks in green forrests of the Beskidy mountain range, outdoor picnics at hanging rock in Jura uplands or short distance bike trips in one of immediately available, large public parks that aglomeration offers.

Rock climbing sites can be found in admirable corners of Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska as well as ruins of castles forming the Eagle Nests Trail, another famous attraction of the region.

During the wintertime magnificent Beskidy Mountains range is particularly popular with winter sports fans. This genuine skier’s paradise offers over 150 ski lifts and 200 kilometres of ski routes. More and more slopes are illuminated and equipped with artificial snow generators. Szczyrk, Brenna, Wisła and Ustroń are the most popular winter mountain resorts.

If don’t feel like getting excercise you can still spend some time out and take time to smell the roses – Rajza will take you to many charming, peacefull and quiet spots.

Protected areas in Silesian Voivodeship include eight areas designated as Landscape Parks:
Eagle Nests Landscape Park (partly in Lesser Poland Voivodeship)
Little Beskids Landscape Park (partly in Lesser Poland Voivodeship)
Rudy Landscape Park
Silesian Beskids Landscape Park
Stawki Landscape Park
Upper Liswarta Forests Landscape Park
Załęcze Landscape Park (partly in Łódź Voivodeship)
Żywiec Landscape Park
Rezerwat przyrody Ochojec


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