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Silesian voivoidship is a region whose tourist and cultural potential is still awaiting to be fully discovered and appreciated. The visitors may be surprised by the generosity of its nature: the proximity of forrests, lakes, mountains and rocks. For those who like to be up to date with the newest trends in tourism Upper Silesia holds a rare jewel – Industrial Monument Route, a part of the Europe-wide route ERIH.
We have divided our offer into sections to make it easier for the visitors to get familiar with the whole range of our services.

Industrial Tourism

The Silesian Voivodeship is the largest concentration of historic industrial monuments in Poland. It is a reflection of certain cultural identity, different from everything that one can observe in other parts of Poland. The development of a heavy industry in this land transformed the rural area into one of the leading regions of industrial breakout. Getting to know the past, you will be able to encompass the turbulent history of Silesia. [Read more...]

Mountain & Outdoor

In need of outdoor activities? Our team can organize different ways of enjoying fresh air for you. We recommand long walks in green forrests of the Beskidy mountain range, outdoor picnics at hanging rock in Jura uplands or short distance bike trips in one of immediately available, large public parks that aglomeration offers. [Read more...]

Alternative Tourism

Rajza offers unique for Upper Silesia services of role-playing tours. Let historical characters to be your guides and tell their stories! Had this region surely been a real steaming pot of cultures, its legacy did not survive untouched. Jewish, German, Czech, Polish and Silesian roots are deepely and strongly tangled here. Though major part of minorities might already be gone now, it’s still possible to give voice to all those no longer present.

Post-mining piles or closed mining shafts are among other rare attractions we keep up our sleeve for you.

Made To Measure!

Tailor-suited part of what we offer is listening carefully to your needs and finding and suggesting personalized solutions. We believe it to be the core of Rajza’s mission.


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