Silesia is a voivodeship, or province, in southern Poland, centering on the historic region known as Upper Silesia (Górny Śląsk), with the capital in Katowice. Contrary to the name, however, eastern half of Silesian Voivodeship is not historical Silesia, but Lesser Poland and there is a large part of historical Silesia forming part of neighbouring province Lower Silesia.

Due to its industrial and urban nature, the voivodeship has many cities and large towns. Of Poland’s 40 most-populous cities, 12 are in Silesian Voivodeship.

Silesia has historically been an ethnically diverse region. With its more than two centuries of industrialisation history, region has a number of technical heritage memorials. These include narrow and standard gauge railways, coal and silver mines, shafts and its equipment from 19th and 20th century.

Katowice city

Katowice is the center of science, culture, industry, business and transportation in southern Poland. It is the main city in the Upper Silesian Industrial Region and of the 3 million conurbation. This urban expansion boomed in the 19th century thanks to the rapid development of the mining and metallurgical industries. The Katowice urban area consists now of about 40 adjacent cities and towns. However, the whole Silesian metropolitan area (mostly within the Upper Silesian Coal Basin) consists of over 50 cities/town and has a population of more than 5 million people. [Read more...]


Upper Silesia is a cultural, economic and educational centre with a dynamic growth of new investments over recent years. Although the shade of heavy industry era remains visible here, the new direction is set to protect natural environment in the area and derive its new prosperity from modern technology rather. It’s being a great illustration for essencial changes within new era information society.
Its landscape does not only consist of mine shafts and coal-waste piles, but as well of green forrests and crystal clear water reservoirs.
Now it is time to develop solid bases for the tourism industry in the heart of this remarkable area.

… and myths

If we were to ask a statistical Polish citizen for the most important features of Silesian voivoidship we would be probably given an answer packed with some of following stereotypes: pollution, heavy industry, ugly, dirty and devastated urban architecture, no cultural events nor sophisticated entertainment present at all. This prejudicial picture was never really true and especially now can no longer be considered as such. We are here to tell you why and to discover beauty in something that seems unattractive at the first glance. To learn and understand that what is really interesting does not necesarily have to be clasically pretty.


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