For Who

We are aware that the fundamental matter of a successful event, which is one based on engagement and emotions, is to encompass the particularity of the target group. We create high-quality tourism and event products for children, adults and youngsters, both for organised groups and for individual, demanding clients. Whether you look for pure entertainment or an expert-level knowledge – we are here to accommodate your needs and meet your expectations.

For individual tourists

Is it your first time in Upper Silesia? Came for a festival, a congress, a conference, on business but still want to get the best of your time while in here? Have got only an hour or maybe entire week of time? with a little help of Rajza you will become familiar with everything worth seeing eitherway.

We will not let you get bored with dates or facts if that’s something you dislike but will give you all the complex explanations if that’s what you’re looking for.

All in all, we just want to spread around some of Silesian ‘positive energy’!

For local institutions

We direct the part of our offer which consists of managing the creative and administrative process of various events, to local institutions, associations and NGOs. Our scenarios and concepts can make a significant contribution to your program and ideas, or as well can perfectly serve as an independent, carefully and comprehensively executed scripts for events that our team will prepare and conduct for you.

Our domains are tourism and event-planning – Rajza benefits from cooperating with those who have been working in both of these fields for many years.

B2B Silesia

All of the intriguing places, highlights and tourist attractions we know, may come handy while planning a stay for your external guests or for the company staff events. We especially encourage the visitors from abroad that stay or live in Upper Silesia to check our offer and try it out. We will do our best to make your leisure around here creative and involving.
We will also provide you with lots of ideas of your after hours activities.

For tourism

We encourage tourism organizers and travel agencies to get to know us better. The last blank slate on the touristic map of Poland, that is Upper Silesia, will dissapear right after you decide to cooperate with Rajza.

We are open to take care of your clients while they stay in Silesia. They will be provided with all the necessary information and if they wish a guiding service – we will assist their visit. In our company everything goes according to the plan, to bring a unique experience for our guests.

For schools

For schools we have prepared special section of the offer that focuses on youth’s local identity and understanding of their roots. Our mission is to help children know more and better about their small-scale homeland.

One of our most solid partners is Towarzystwo Inicjatyw Naukowych with their project “Vademecum Śląsk”, a Silesian University related initiative for civil awareness developement among youngsters and children in the area.


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